About US

At Elite K9 UK we have dedicated our lives to mans best friend for over 39 years.

From dog training to dog welfare. Ever since my first dog I was fascinated by the loyalty a dog shows to the human species.  I have been blessed to work with my truly magnificent breeds with such amazing characters and traits such as Doberman, Malonois, DDR Sheperds and Cane Corsos.

My passion for dogs started as a small boy when I used to watch a old man walking his dogs. I could not believe how many beautiful dogs he use to walk daily. At first I thought he must work for the police as he would have the most lovely looking German Sheperds but a few days later he would appear with a Rottweiler then dobermans and various other large breeds.

I remember thinking one day I would love to own my own perfect K9 companions, today ownership of pets has changed so much as breeding, bloodlines and new breeds have appeared.

Our aim at Elite K9 UK is to provide the best products and advice to all owners. Every day new challenges present themselves to pet owners, we hope we can be a part of helping and resolving these challenges you face with man’s best friend.

From myself and the team we welcome you to our website 🙂