Imperial Food: Energy 20kg



Energy is a complete food, characterized by a perfect nutritional balance and a proper caloric intake, accompanied by an exceptional vitamin pool and a mix of protein of high biological value. The presence of B vitamins acts as a tonic for the autonomic nervous system and muscles, while calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D3 help maintain an optimal bone structure and the teeth.

Recommended for: Adult dogs of all breeds, throughout the whole year. It is ideal to meet the needs of those more attentive to the health and wellness of their furry friends.


Imperial Food: Energy 20kg


The secret to the Imperial Food recipe, our ingredients;


  • PROTEIN from animal and plants that provide strength and tone to the muscle mass
  • COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATES with a high absorption, to provide slow-release energies
  • B VITAMINS, which act as a tonic for the nervous and muscle system
  • VITAMIN C and E, to increase the body’s defences and block the formation of free radicals
  • SELENIUM, which synergistically with Vitamin E prevents muscular disorders and supports the immune system
  • CALCIUM, PHOSPHORUS and VITAMIN D3 for the formation and the development of the bone and muscle structure
  • L-CARNITINE to speed up the metabolism, promote the development of the lean body mass, protect joints
  • PREBIOTICS FOS and MOS, useful for the maintenance of a good intestinal bacterial flora
  • OMEGA-3 and OMEGA-6 essential to the health and shine of the coat


Why Imperial Food Energy?
  • Raw materials selected for the nutrients provide the necessary daily calorie intake in a reduced portion
  • Keeps dogs lively and brilliant for longer, regardless of size, age and lifestyle
  • 28% protein, 23% fats
  • Rich in Vitamins
Composition: extruded corn, dehydrated pork meat, animal fat, extruded rice, corn protein, extruded flax seeds, extruded soy seeds, hydrolysed proteins, soy oil, full dehydrated egg, sodium chloride, brewer’s yeast.
Analytical Constituents: Crude protein 28%, Crude oils and fats 23%, Crude fibre 2,5%, Crude ash 8,5%.
Nutritional Additives/Kg. Vitamins, pro-vitamins and subst. with similar effect: 3a672a Vitamin A  16000 U.I., E671 Vitamin D3 1600 U.I., 3a700 Vitamin E 200 mg, 3a820 Vitamin B1 4,8 mg, Vitamin B2 9,5 mg, 3a831 Vitamin B6 4,8 mg, Vitamin B12 0,1 mg, 3a314 Niacin (Vitamin PP) 20 mg, 3a880 Biotin (Vitamin H) 0,8 mg, 3a300 Vitamin C 14 mg, 3a710 Vitamin K3 (menadione sodium bisulfite) 2,4 mg, 


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