Imperial Food: Puppy Plus 15kg



Puppy Plus suitable for puppies from weaning, is designed to promote the musculoskeletal development with a perfect balance of nutrients, an exceptional protein mix and the important supplement of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D3. Selected meat sources and rice make it a delicate product, characterized by a very high level of digestibility and nutrients assimilation. Ideal for weaning, is the most suitable food for puppies from 2 to 6 months of life, who have very delicate digestive processes.

Recommended for… puppies from weaning, from the most delicate digestive processes. Also ideal to support the mares in gestation and lactation.



The secret to the Imperial, Food recipe, our ingredients:

  • PROTEIN from animal and plants that provide strength and tone to the muscle mass
  • COMPLEX CARBOHYDRATES with a high absorption, to provide slow-release energies
  • B VITAMINS, which act as a tonic for the nervous and muscle system
  • VITAMIN C and E, to increase the body’s defences and block the formation of free radicals
  • SELENIUM, which synergistically with Vitamin E prevents muscular disorders and supports the immune system
  • CALCIUM, PHOSPHORUS and VITAMIN D3 for the formation and the development of the bone and muscle structure
  • L-CARNITINE to speed up the metabolism, promote the development of the lean body mass, protect joints
  • PREBIOTICS FOS and MOS, useful for the maintenance of a good intestinal bacterial flora
  • OMEGA-3 and OMEGA-6 essential to the health and shine of the coat



Why Imperial Food Puppy Plus?

  • Nutritious and balanced ingredients to help development and growth from the first months of the dog’s life, and to provide brood mares with the nutrients they need.
  • Rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids, for a shinier and softer coat.
  • From weaning
  • High assimilation
  • L-Carnitine

The daily amount of products is small in volume, but suitable to the dog requirements, because its rich in nutrients. By respecting the suggested quantity, you can favour a good digestion and a perfect assimilation, avoiding troubles such stomach contractions and intestinal malfunctioning. While serving the food, always leave fresh water available.




  • S.T.Q.
  • Protein 30%
  • Fats 24%
  • Cellulose 2,5%
  • Ash 7,5%


  • Calcium-Phosphorus ratio 1:0,8


  • E672-Vitamina A 20000 U.I.
  • E671-Vitamina D3 2000 U.I.
  • 3a700-Vitamina E acetato/tutto-rac-alfa-tocoferile 93% 168 mg
  • Vitamina B1 3,4 mg
  • Vitamina B2 5,1 mg
  • 3a831-Vitamina B6 3,5 mg
  • Vitamina B12 0,04 mg
  • Vitamina PP 26 mg
  • Vitamina H (Biotina) 0,51 mg
  • Vitamina C 18 mg
  • Vitamina K3 (menadione sodio bisolfito) 3 mg
  • Acido D-Pantotenico 10,2 mg
  • Acido Folico 0,51 mg
  • Colina Cloruro 254 mg
  • E3-Carbonato di cobalto 0,7 mg
  • E1-Carbonato ferroso 254 mg
  • E2-Ioduro di potassio 1,2 mg
  • E5-Ossido manganoso 131 mg
  • E4-Solfato rameico pentaidrato 39 mg
  • E8-Forma organica di Selenio del genere Saccharomyces cerevisiae CNCM I-3060 N.3b8.10 2,5 mg
  • E6-Ossido di zinco 163 mg


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